Sales Leads Best Practices

While most offices work the same hours, have you ever wondered if those hours really work for your company? When are your sales efforts most effective? As everyone knows, sales is just as much a “science” as it is an “art”. Yes, you need good sales people, but you also need to be doing the right things consistently to win big with sales (making x number of calls, qualifying x number of leads, etc.) Sales efficiency is critical to maximizing your company’s return on investment in its sales resources. Based on recent survey data from a Software Advice survey, there are some key takeaways to maximizing your sales ROI:
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Make These Successful Sales Strategies Your New Years Resolution!

As 2013 draws to a close it’s a good time for all sales professionals to sit back and reflect upon the successes and missed opportunities of the year.  Spending a small portion of your holiday break to analyze the successful sales strategies you can use in 2014 will help set you on the right track to a record breaking new year!

Successful Sales Strategies

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Electronic Signature Authentication Feature Added To ClientSky!

ClientSky is designed to help your business be as efficient as possible throughout the sales proposal process.  In today’s fast paced business climate, it’s important that your clients can view and accept proposals on the go.  ClientSky’s electronic signature authentication practices go above and beyond the legal requirements and ensure peace of mind for both parties.

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Connecting Sales Professionals with Decision Makers

In order to take your business to the next level, your sales professionals have to stop filling orders and start selling.  The trouble is, sales professionals can only sell if they are getting to the right people, the decision makers.  Too often sales professionals are satisfied speaking with the people who place the orders and don’t get to fully explain how their product or service can benefit a company.  This complacency leads to loss of sales and diminishing opportunity.

Decision Makers

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Mobile Ready Sales Proposals by ClientSky

Mobile Ready Sales ProposalsSales proposals ensure your client understands exactly how your product can meet their needs.  Every sales professional should understand the importance of delivering a high quality proposal in a timely manner.  ClientSky has developed mobile ready sales proposals that are completely responsive, which means your clients get your proposals faster than your competitors!

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What is a sales proposal?

It’s important that sales professionals view sales proposals as tools of their business.  Sales proposals effectively get your idea in front of your clients.  They are delivered in a manner that gives the client time to reflect upon the solution you are offering to their needs. At it’s most basic description, a sales proposal is a written pitch that educates the client on your company’s service or product.  Good sales proposals are tailored to the client after the sales professionals have gained a clear understanding of the client’s business and needs.

Sales Proposal

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Sales Objections – How to Overcome Pricing Objections

Sales Objections

Being a sales professional, it’s unlikely that you’ve gone through your career having never been told that your price is too high.  This and other objectives are often raised by clients as they seek to get the most product for their money.  It’s important to learn how to address this objective in a positive manner that builds client trust and demonstrates a willingness to listen and work through their concerns. The first step to overcoming a pricing objection, is to realize that the objection does not mean the client doesn’t want your product or service. Efficiently handling client price objections is an important step in building client relationships.

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Sales Forecasting – How To Improve Your Process

Most sales managers agree that sales forecasting is a cumbersome task and many fail to see the benefit in a process that is by and large, a guessing game.  The truth is, sales forecasting should not rely upon a hunch and must be done consistently to fully realize its value.  Done correctly, sales forecasting can provide valuable insight that allows organizations to make strategic decisions on how to effectively manage the business.

Sales Forecasting

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ClientSky Knows Timing Is Everything!

“Observe due measure, for right timing is in all things the most important factor.” – Hesiod


Timing is everything.  Hesiod even realized the importance of timing as a poet in Ancient Greece. Timing in the sales world can mean the difference between closing a deal and closing a door.  ClientSky realizes the importance of timing and has implemented a fantastic feature to make certain you are aware of your clients activities regarding your online sales proposal.


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Sales Leaders – How to Effectively Lead a Sales Team

Effective sales leaders are the catalyst for increased sales dollars and better sales team performance.  A common problem is that dynamic sales professionals may not always make the most effective sales leaders.  At least without the organization giving them the proper tools to run the position.  Let’s face it, we all want to end the year with big sales numbers and be regarded as an all star by our peers.  If you have that sales person that consistently hits home runs in his or her year end profits, then it’s a natural progression to want to elevate them in the company.  I’m certainly not saying this is the wrong way to go, but there are some key traits to keep in mind when developing sales professionals into sales leaders that will boost your organizations numbers and build sales team loyalty.

Sales Leaders

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