ClientSky Launches – Create and Deliver Sales Proposals Online

Creating and delivering sales proposals is a critical part of every sales team. Time spent crafting sales proposals takes away from time that could be spent selling. With the launch of the online sales proposal solution ClientSky, salespeople everywhere will be able to create, manage, deliver and analyze sales proposals online, in minutes. This 100% cloud-based solution allows sales teams to effectively template previous proposals so there is never a need to “recreate the wheel”. Some exciting features available at launch –

  • Create sales proposals from anywhere in minutes
  • Store sales proposal templates online to save time
  • Deliver online sales proposals through a secure web link
  • Collaborate with team members on sales proposal creation
  • Track sales proposals online, see when your clients open the proposals and even how long they spend on different sections
  • Easy online sales proposal acceptance – Cut down on sales cycle time by allowing clients to accept through the secure web proposal

Everyone Jaroop had a blast putting this product together and we are very excited about the launch of ClientSky. It was a very fun product to develop and we have received very positive feedback during our beta phase, including one fortune 500 company as stating, “We love it. This online sales proposal software could become the go-to way for sales managers to shorten sales cycles,¬†ultimately¬†increasing sales for their companies.” For more information, please check out ClientSky – How it works.

Who is Jaroop? Well Jaroop is a web application development company that develops cloud-based business software for business. Jaroop develops custom web applications for companies and also develops proprietary web applications (e.g. ClientSky) that provide affordable cloud based solutions for businesses.