Collaborating Users Feature on ClientSky Unlocks Sales Team Success

Helen Keller is credited with a simple, yet profound quote on teamwork; “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  There are many of us that believe we can take on every problem, issue and opportunity in the world, but that may not be the most effective strategy for long-term success.  Teamwork in the sales profession is quickly becoming a standard as clients require more and competition and technology continue to grow. ClientSky has addressed this trend with the addition of a collaborating users feature for it’s online sales proposal software.

Collaborating Users

The feature itself is simple and effective.  When creating online sales proposals, the author can choose collaborating users from within their organization to work with them on the proposal.  These other users are able to view, edit and send the proposal as well as see activity related to the proposal in their activity feed.  The true strength in the feature is not the functionality as much as it is the concept.  The collaborating users feature unlocks an organizations flexibility.  It allows sales teams to work together on handling different aspects of a clients needs to ensure a smooth, professional interaction.

Collaborating UsersThere’s no longer last minute scrambling if Tom doesn’t make it to the office on the day a proposal is due to a client.  Kate’s organization finds her essential when setting up the basic structure and flow of her companies proposals.  Mark from IT has just added some streaming video he captured detailing your company’s solution that fits your client’s needs. The possibilities are endless and the end product is often beautifully crafted from the minds of many rather than one.

Team sales and cross departmental organizational opportunities are not for every company.  They need to be planned effectively and managed in a way as to not overwhelm the clients.  That being said, there is definitely a need for the successes that can be unlocked by this type of organizational culture, and ClientSky is ready to help!

Duane Campbell is a Global Accounts Manager for Jaroop, a web application development company that develops business intelligence, social interaction and client services for businesses. Jaroop is also the creator of the cloud based sales proposal application ClientSky, an online platform for professional service firms to generate, send and track sales proposals online.  Duane can be reached at 860-357-2060 ext 302 or