Electronic Signature Authentication Feature Added To ClientSky!

ClientSky is designed to help your business be as efficient as possible throughout the sales proposal process.  In today’s fast paced business climate, it’s important that your clients can view and accept proposals on the go.  ClientSky’s electronic signature authentication practices go above and beyond the legal requirements and ensure peace of mind for both parties.

Our latest release captures key electronic signature authentication information directly on the archived, tamper-proof, proposal view page.  On the graphic below you will see, in the upper right hand corner, confirmation that your client and yourself have accepted the proposal, the date and time of the acceptance and the IP address of the client.

Electronic Signature Authentication

Also, on the cover page for the proposal, which is viewable on the proposal view page as well as the exported PDF, you will see confirmation that both your client and yourself accepted the proposal, along with the date and time of the acceptance.

Electronic Signature Authentication

This is just one of the many features that make ClientSky the best choice for online sales proposals.

Duane Campbell is a Global Accounts Manager for Jaroop, a web application development company that develops business intelligence, social interaction and client services for businesses. Jaroop is also the creator of the cloud based sales proposal application ClientSky, an online platform for professional service firms to generate, send and track sales proposals online.  Duane can be reached at 860-357-2060 ext 302 or dcampbell@jaroop.com.