Elements of a Successful Sales Proposal

There are key elements to a successful sales proposal that will increase sales and shorten sales cycles. Many people will often refer to the terms “contract” and “sales proposal” interchangeably. While a contract is often part of the sales proposal, some people forget that a sales proposal is far more than having someone “sign the dotted line”. Big picture, sales proposals should address a particular problem and provide a solution to that problem. With that in mind, here are the 4 key elements of a successful sales proposal.

  1. Sales Proposal Background and Understanding – Show that you understand the issues at hand by reciting the client’s issue. It could be a specific problem that they are trying to solve, or it could be a vision that they articulate. Regardless, showing that you listened to them and understand their position is key to getting them to pay attention to your solution and eventually accept your sales proposal.
  2. Sell Your Solutions in the Sales Proposal – Now that you have demonstrated that you understand your customer’s position, provide a solution that specifically addresses those concerns. Explain the value of each solution. If there is multiple steps, explain how the steps build on each other to provide value or save time/money/etc.
  3. Keep Your Sales Proposals Brief – Clients want solutions, not pages of rhetoric or graphics. Capture the client’s needs and provide a solution. The client assumes that you are qualified or else they wouldn’t have asked for the proposal. Don’t bore them with pages about how great you are… They don’t care about your company, they care about THEIR company. Position yourself as a way for them to address their problem, and you WILL convert more sales proposals.
  4. Provide Easy Sales Proposal Acceptance – The longer the sales proposal review cycle, the lower the chances for conversion. Online sales proposal solutions like ClientSky offer a clear way to eliminate the process of PDFing, scanning, emailing, signing, repeat… Using an online proposal solution is a powerful way shorten the sales cycle through providing easy client sales proposal review and acceptance.