5 Ways to Increase Sales Proposal Conversion

Increase sales proposal conversionSome of these easy ways to increase your sales proposal conversion rate are widely known best practices, and some are a little less obvious. All of them may be implemented quickly and easily with an online sales proposal tool such as ClientSky:

  1. Make it attractive.

    A professional sales proposal reflects positively on the type of work you will be performing for your prospective client. Structure your sales proposal logically and organize your sections neatly – your prospective client is less likely to accept something that doesn’t make sense. ClientSky formats your online sales proposals professionally (with your choice of color scheme) and allows you to arrange and structure sections in exactly the right order.

  2. Tailor your sales proposal to your client.

    A client is less likely to accept a sales proposal that they feel is “canned” or “cookie-cutter” in nature. ClientSky allows you to incorporate a client’s logo, company name, company abbreviation, and even your contact’s name automatically in online sales proposals that you create. The result is a customized online sales proposal that doesn’t eat up a bunch of your time to create.

  3. Use media.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. Use media to explain your product or service to your client in addition to the textual data you already use. This will win the attention of clients that prefer interacting visually and could be the deciding factor in whether your prospective client converts.

  4. Get your sales proposal out quickly.

    Sales proposals sent out within hours of a client meeting convert at a greater rate than those sent out tomorrow or the next day. Leverage existing sales proposal creating solutions (such as ClientSky) to deliver your sales proposal while its contents are still fresh in your prospective client’s mind.

  5. Make it simple for clients to accept.

    The greater the number of steps a prospective client has to go through to accept your sales proposal (printing it out, signing it, scanning it, returning it), the lower the odds of converting them. Using an online proposal tool to allow your client to accept with a single step maximizes your conversion rate.

If you’re having trouble quickly and easily applying any of the above items to your sales proposals, contact us and have a real person explain to you how ClientSky is the solution.

ClientSky helps you quickly and easily create and deliver online sales proposals to your clients and allows them to accept your sales proposal from any computer or mobile device. Read more about ClientSky, or see how it works.