5 Ways ClientSky Increases Your Sales Proposal Productivity

Increase sales proposal productivity with ClientSkyThe time that you spend writing sales proposals is time that you can’t spend selling. So boost your sales proposal productivity and make this time count by implementing these five time-saving features of ClientSky into your sales proposal writing workflow!

  1. Templates

    Templates are one of the most powerful sales proposal productivity booster that ClientSky has to offer. ClientSky allows you to use an existing sales proposal as a starting point for a new one, so you don’t have to re-create the wheel. You can even mix and match sections from different proposals. When you’ve put together the sales proposal you want, ClientSky automatically fills in the correct company and contact information for the intended recipient. Besides allowing you to create a fully customized sales proposal in minutes, delivering a sales proposal more quickly after a meeting with your potential client increases the rate at which they will convert.

  2. Online delivery

    ClientSky allows you to deliver online sales proposals to your prospective client with a single click, and allows them to accept quickly and easily from any computer or mobile device. This removes the need for physically signing and moving papers around, and lowers the barrier to your client quickly accepting your sales proposal.

  3. Everything in one place

    ClientSky allows you to include any relevant files directly within your sales proposal. This way, you and your prospective client don’t have to keep track of files or exhibits that are referenced in your proposal, but are separate from it. Even communication regarding the proposal and its contents is contained directly within the proposal.

  4. Effortless formatting

    ClientSky professionally formats your sales proposal automatically, allowing you to focus on the content of the proposal and effectively selling your company’s product or service.

  5. Work collaboratively

    ClientSky allows you to work on your sales proposals collaboratively with other users at your company, without sending emails with revisions back and forth.

If you are interested in leveraging these features of ClientSky to cut down on the time you spend writing sales proposals, contact us to set up a free demo of ClientSky for you and your team.

ClientSky helps you quickly and easily create and deliver online sales proposals to your clients and allows them to accept your sales proposal from any computer or mobile device. Read more about ClientSky, or see how it works.