Sales Leads Best Practices

While most offices work the same hours, have you ever wondered if those hours really work for your company? When are your sales efforts most effective? As everyone knows, sales is just as much a “science” as it is an “art”. Yes, you need good sales people, but you also need to be doing the right things consistently to win big with sales (making x number of calls, qualifying x number of leads, etc.) Sales efficiency is critical to maximizing your company’s return on investment in its sales resources. Based on recent survey data from a Software Advice survey, there are some key takeaways to maximizing your sales ROI:

  • Speed is key – The faster you can contact a lead, the better off you are. If a lead is contacted within five seconds, you are nearly 30% more likely to qualify than if you contact them within five minutes.
  • Focus on sales mid-week – The leads that come in Tuesday through Thursday qualify at about twice the average of leads that come in during the rest of week. This is helpful to be aware of, so that your company can plan around this knowledge: have as much staff as possible working midweek, while having meetings, company outings, vacation days, etc., on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Get started early – Are “business hours” really the best for you to be responding to B2B sales leads? The answer is “yes”, making your calls around 7-9am will generate the best results.
  • Don’t stop marketing around the holidays – It was actually discovered that the days leading up to and following holidays are more beneficial than one may have originally thought. The week before Christmas, b2b software sales websites generate over 10% more unique visitors than average. While traffic in December generates more traffic, it has a lower average conversion rate compared to any other month. January and February sport the highest conversion percentages, likely because companies have refreshed their funding and are getting into the new year. Moral of the story – keep the marketing strong through the holidays, but push your sales closing efforts into January.

So beat the traffic, head into the office a little early, and get started by 9am EST. Or maybe take a later lunch so you can stick around for those leads that come in during lunch hours. Doing these little things will help you be on the path to success. For more detailed information on the study, see Software Advice’s infographic below:

Ali Smith is a Global Accounts Manager for Jaroop, a web application development company that develops business intelligence, social interaction and client services for businesses. Jaroop is also the creator of the cloud based sales proposal application ClientSky, an online platform for professional service firms to generate, send and track sales proposals online.  Ali can be reached at 860-357-2060 ext 304 or