What is a sales proposal?

It’s important that sales professionals view sales proposals as tools of their business.  Sales proposals effectively get your idea in front of your clients.  They are delivered in a manner that gives the client time to reflect upon the solution you are offering to their needs. At it’s most basic description, a sales proposal is a written pitch that educates the client on your company’s service or product.  Good sales proposals are tailored to the client after the sales professionals have gained a clear understanding of the client’s business and needs.

Sales Proposal

A sales proposal is an important step in the sales process.  Time must be allotted to carefully craft a proposal that effectively gets your ideas across to the client.  The proposal should clearly state what your company does and/or what your company provides.  It should further explain how that will act as a solution for your client’s needs.  A well crafted proposal will show the client that you have been listening to what they are looking for and that your company is the best possible choice.

There are three key requirements that are a must for every sales proposal:

  • Education – A sales proposal must educate your potential clients on what you are providing.  The document should be able to effectively communicate your entire solution from start to finish in a manner that is easy to understand.
  • Demonstration – The sales proposal needs to successfully demonstrate why the client should choose your company.  There needs to be a convincing argument as to why your solution is the best, and what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Execution – You must be able to show that you can offer the client value for their investment.  How will your product or service help their business?

An effectively written sales proposal will increase your odds of closing a sale and building a loyal customer base.  It is the job of every sales professional to research and understand their client’s business so that they can provide a sales proposal that clearly addresses the needs of that client.  Taking the time to prepare a detailed and effective sales proposal will ensure that your clients recognize the value that your business brings to their company.

Duane Campbell is a Global Accounts Manager for Jaroop, a web application development company that develops business intelligence, social interaction and client services for businesses. Jaroop is also the creator of the cloud based sales proposal application ClientSky, an online platform for professional service firms to generate, send and track sales proposals online.  Duane can be reached at 860-357-2060 ext 302 or dcampbell@jaroop.com.