Sales Leads Best Practices

While most offices work the same hours, have you ever wondered if those hours really work for your company? When are your sales efforts most effective? As everyone knows, sales is just as much a “science” as it is an “art”. Yes, you need good sales people, but you also need to be doing the right things consistently to win big with sales (making x number of calls, qualifying x number of leads, etc.) Sales efficiency is critical to maximizing your company’s return on investment in its sales resources. Based on recent survey data from a Software Advice survey, there are some key takeaways to maximizing your sales ROI:
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Sales Prospecting – Effective Strategies to Beat Sales Slumps

It’s no great secret that sales professionals have to deal with ever changing conditions in their markets.  Depending upon your product or service, the market may not be in your favor.  Recent changes in the economy have made it more difficult than ever to grow and maintain a loyal customer base.  Sales prospecting is more important than ever as sales professionals look to secure their future and help their organizations continue to grow.

Sales Prospecting

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