Sales Proposal Templates Feature Available on ClientSky

Do you find yourself frequently creating the same type of sales proposals?  Why recreate the same work every time?  ClientSky offers sales proposal templates which allow users to quickly and easily save their work into templates in order to save time on future proposals. ClientSky already eases the sales proposal process by seamlessly swapping out client information (name, logo, etc.), but using templates will ensure you can generate a neatly completed proposal in minutes!

Sales Proposal Templates

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Your Sales Proposal Sucks

Sales Proposal SucksVery often, many salespeople look at their sales proposals and are happy with the way they tell the story of their companies, their services, etc. What they don’t realize is how bad their proposals….suck.

Most likely, you have a terrible sales proposal and don’t even know it.  It isn’t that these sales proposals are poorly written, formatted or designed. In fact, the opposite is true – they often look very professional and the author has invested a ton of time on the content, formatting, proofing, etc. The real problem with these proposals is that they are just TERRIBLE at helping close deals. If you sales proposal does suck, you likely fit into one or more of the following categories of sales proposal writers:

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