Make These Successful Sales Strategies Your New Years Resolution!

As 2013 draws to a close it’s a good time for all sales professionals to sit back and reflect upon the successes and missed opportunities of the year.  Spending a small portion of your holiday break to analyze the successful sales strategies you can use in 2014 will help set you on the right track to a record breaking new year!

Successful Sales Strategies

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Sales Prospecting – Effective Strategies to Beat Sales Slumps

It’s no great secret that sales professionals have to deal with ever changing conditions in their markets.  Depending upon your product or service, the market may not be in your favor.  Recent changes in the economy have made it more difficult than ever to grow and maintain a loyal customer base.  Sales prospecting is more important than ever as sales professionals look to secure their future and help their organizations continue to grow.

Sales Prospecting

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The Best Sales Strategy – Stop Selling!

Picture this.  You have just came back from a great meeting with a potential client.  They are excited to do something new and your business has the best product to make that happen. Both you and the client spent the entire meeting talking about all the potential and the amazing things that your product will bring to their organization.  You quickly send out your proposal and just as quickly it’s declined.  Wait?  What happened?  Chances are, while you did a great job selling the client, you failed to listen to what they actually needed.  Here’s an often overlooked sales strategy that will help you close the deal every time.

Sales Strategy

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